*WARNING* Big Daddy Returns! *WARNING*

Be warned!! Big Daddy is on his way back. Stranger than fiction! Don’t even know where to start, but I am sure I can muddle through it. I promise you, you won’t find this stuff anywhere else! You have no clue! R U READY?



Sorry, I have not been feeling like writing lately. I will soon be posting some stuff about my trip and the likes. But I think I need a break for a bit. Thank you all for keeping up with me, sorry for the lack of posts.

Tag, your it!

I am not really sure what being “tagged” means. Nothing on my blog or my dashboard indicated I had been tagged. However using my powers of deductive reasoning, I guess it has something to do with adding a link in this post to some of your blogroll friends, and also making sure they are reading your posts. So anyway I guess I have been tagged, thanks Nick. Here it goes!

1. Grab the nearest book to you that has 123 pages or more. (No Cheating)
2. Find Page 123
3. Find the first five sentences
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag Five people

And here is what I came up with:

“During the night, their sleep was interrupted by many blood-curdling cries and howls; they were glad to be up an hour before dawn, to have prayer and then breakfast.

“But presently, all of the sudden, they heard a great and strange cry, which they knew to be the same voices they [had] heard in the night, though they varied their notes, and one of their company, being aboard, came running in and cried, “Indians, Indians!” and withal, arrows came flying in amongst them . . .two muskets were discharged at them, and two more [men] stood ready in the entrance of their rendezvous, but were commanded not to shoot till they could take full aim at them . . . The cry of Indians was dreadful . . .”

The skirmish continued, with neither side gaining any advantage, until several of the Pilgrims, wearing coats of mail, rushed forth from the barricade and discharged their muskets together.”

-“The Light and the Glory” by Peter Marshall and David Manuel

Sorry that was so long, but it was a quote within the quote. This spiritual history of the founding of America has become an ongoing bestseller, now introducing a new generation to America’s Christian heritage. It is curriculum for my 3 home schooled children. It offers great insight to the truth about our history and some obscure figures that were more integral to our foundation that some of the more popular lore.

Carol Ann Kelly, Rob Kelly, Greg Stier, Debb Bresina, you’ve been tagged! (Sorry, I only have 4. And not sure they all read this.)

To B(log) or not to B(log)…….

That is the question! Do you ever find yourself obsessively checking your blog hit counter? Clicking through your blog roll, and their blog roll, to find a new post? Waiting days on end at the edge of your computer chair, for SOMEONE in your blog roll write something new? Hoping SOMEONE would leave a comment (because that was a really good post)? Wondering if your visitors even read your post, because how could they not leave a comment (because that was a really good post)? Because I mean think about it. Are we writing to “express” some inner journalist in us, or are we really trying to communicate our lives to those we know? Do any of us really care to read about the daily life of someones cat, or their opinion on politics?

Well I hope that at least some of you answered yes to some of the questions posed. I check my hit counter daily, click through my blog roll daily, love it when someone comments, and hope to communicate a small part of my life with those I know. I did answer no to one: I dont like blogs that ramble about cute kitties or pseudo-intellectual rhetoric.

So I wonder why no comments. I came up with a few reasons.

Blog not, least you be blogged yourself.

Blog unto others, as you would want blogged to you.

Blog your neighbor as you blog yourself.

These are the guide lines of good blogging. (Yes I know I borrowed them from somewhere) If you want to read fresh posts on your blogroll, you too must commit to fresh posting. If you want more hits, click on others. If you want more comments, leave comments for others. And if you are going for the rhetoric bent to your blog, at least write something that inspires, heals, brings joy, and uplifts others. Refrain from big words (I have a thesaurus too) unless it is to make a profound point and you can do it with taste and excitement. And never forget, this is only cyberspace, you must bring the reality in with you.
By the way, why is blogging so fun and addictive? (Excuse me, I need to go check my hit counter……)

Name that …….. skate shop!

I need help! I am working diligently on opening an xtreme gear shop here in my town. It will carry everything skate, paintball, snowboarding, and climbing. (and anything else xtreme people want) I am diligently working on my business plan and need a name to fill in the blanks. It needs to scream xtreme! Something catchy that will be easy for one to say “Hey, lets go down to “______’s” and check out his new “__________”. So I have some ideas but I just can’t seem to settle on one.

Here are some perimeters for the theme:

Skate Shop, Extreme gear, paintball, climbing, cool place to be, uplifting, mentor (I still want to “reach out” to the youth) Delta, Highway 50, Colorado, Rocky Mountains, Grand Mesa, Black Canyon, skater lifestyle, hard core, bones. Just to name a few.

So here are some names:

Big Daddy’s Xtreme Gear Shop (or a variation like Big D’s) Rocky Road Xtreme Gear, or Rockies Xtreme Gear

Black Canyon Xtreme Gear. Benthic Zone Skate Shop (play on words, you will have to look it up, but it could be a cool logo!)

Street Disciple or Stone Disciple, anything like that ( I know there is already a skate shop called concrete disciple and a rapper that calls himself the street disciple)

Holy Roller Skate shop (ok cheesy I know, but hey, we are brainstorming here! There is a skate park in LA named this)

Big Daddy’s Boards ‘n Stuff. Delta Skate Shop. Delta Xtreme. Hyw 50 Skate Shop (BTW Hyw 50 is the only coast to coast Hyw and it goes through my town) Go Big Xtreme Gear.

The Concrete Wave, The Stone Wave, Street Wave.

Ok you get the picture. So I expect any one who visits this site (not just my regulars) to vote or add. And any logo ideas (from, say, a certain graphic designer) to fit the theme of the name would be cool too!

Ready, enter your vote………………………………………………..now!