My Little Share Bear(Chef Sharon)

Well, it’s been a while. Needless to say our lives are as full as ever. There are so many new things; new jobs, new houses, new baby boys. Yes, we bought a house and added a son to our collection. So now my little ray of sunshine is no longer the baby of the bunch. Well, she is still the youngest of the daughters, but now she too is a big sister! She has found her passion in life (at least as a 5 6 year old), COOKING! She absolutely loves to be in the kitchen helping to stir, slice and saute’. So what did momma do..gave her a cooking show. Momma is having some difficulty figuring out the whole video thing (so if I actually have readers left, you might want to post some helpful tips about getting video to the blog). But you can still see my little Sharebear in action with a little awkward video and a lot of little boy noises in the background. Enjoy! You can find her also in my blogroll to the right.