Sun rise.

I have decided that stressing over things is the most intellectually void thing that we as humans do. The sun will come up in the morning, no matter what. The funny thing is no matter how much you stress over it, not only will the sun come up, but you most likely will sleep right through it! The point is things happen and they come and go, and we move on. The stress was virtually waisted.

Preparation on the other hand is diametrically opposed to stress in my opinion. Knowing that the sun will come up tomorrow, I would like to actually watch it come up. So in preparation I will go to bed early(this is for my own sake not the suns) and check an almanac for sunrise time, and then set my alarm appropriately. If my clock is aging, I may check it works properly. And here is the most amazing part about the whole thing, if for some reason I don’t get up in time, the sun will go ahead and rise without me. It’s feelings won’t be hurt and it won’t wait, but it will simply promise me “there is always tomorrow”. Or I may get up in plenty of time, but find it too cloudy to see it rise. I can go back to sleep trusting that it wasn’t any thing I did, simply, it wasn’t my time to watch the sun rise.

I challenge you to prepare yourself for a sun rise. Get up and watch it. And then understand that you can prepare yourself to participate in this thing we call life, know that tomorrow will come and some of us will be there and some won’t, and grasp how wasteful stress is to our mind, body and time.


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