My Mother

Patricia Jean Vigil died by the light of the moon March 9th 2009 before dawn. She passed peacefully in her home. Patricia was born May 8th, 1947 in Denver, CO. She was 3rd in the line of seven siblings. She is preceded in death by one brother, Marcus and two sisters, Susan and Nancy. Patricia was a beloved daughter, mother, wife, grandmother, teacher, librarian, student, discalced hippie and connoisseur of life. Patricia opened a health food store in Norwood 20 years too early, ground metal in a stove factory, wrote for newspapers, taught college, and was a librarian in a correctional facilities. She loved music, singing and dancing, collecting and reading books and pursuing knowledge. To her friends, she was an inspiration of strength, wisdom, and independence. She completed an undergraduate degree, with honors, at Mesa State and earned her Masters Degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Patricia is survived by her husband, Jim Spor of Olathe, her parents, Joe and Eunice Vigil of Montrose her daughter, Garian Vigil of Lyons, her son and his wife, Josh and Portia Vigil of Delta, her son, Zechariah Vigil of Olathe, and six grandchildren,. She leaves behind many other relatives and cherished friends, students, and library patrons. Her remains will be interred in Norwood, CO. Services will be held outside under the pavilion at the First Baptist Church of Delta, on Pioneer road, Saturday March 21 at 330pm. Shoes are optional. Patricia requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Hospice.


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