Where to begin???

Where does a guy start after an 8 month hiatus from the blogosphere? I have so much to write about. The really weird thing is that it feels like it has been 10 years, or at least there is enough stuff that should have taken 10 years. I will start with a general outline of what to expect.

I changed careers, my wifes father died of unnatural causes, my mother has terminal cancer, my kids are in therepy and we may not get to keep our house. The good news is neither my wife or my dog have left me, so I guess that takes me out of the “sounds like a bad country song” genre. We went to Disneyland and have been through two vehicles. Oh, and we just started Dave Ramsey’s money makeover. I’ll be letting you know how that goes.

So that may not sound real exciting yet, but believe me, when you live it in less than a year, it almost seems like too much for a guy to handle. So hang on and we’ll see how it rides.


One response to “Where to begin???

  1. So how is your total money makeover going? I found your blog from Greg Stier’s blog, and I am also a Dave Ramsey fan/TMMO participant… It’s a small world..lol… I pray that things are going better for you and your family.

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