To B(log) or not to B(log)…….

That is the question! Do you ever find yourself obsessively checking your blog hit counter? Clicking through your blog roll, and their blog roll, to find a new post? Waiting days on end at the edge of your computer chair, for SOMEONE in your blog roll write something new? Hoping SOMEONE would leave a comment (because that was a really good post)? Wondering if your visitors even read your post, because how could they not leave a comment (because that was a really good post)? Because I mean think about it. Are we writing to “express” some inner journalist in us, or are we really trying to communicate our lives to those we know? Do any of us really care to read about the daily life of someones cat, or their opinion on politics?

Well I hope that at least some of you answered yes to some of the questions posed. I check my hit counter daily, click through my blog roll daily, love it when someone comments, and hope to communicate a small part of my life with those I know. I did answer no to one: I dont like blogs that ramble about cute kitties or pseudo-intellectual rhetoric.

So I wonder why no comments. I came up with a few reasons.

Blog not, least you be blogged yourself.

Blog unto others, as you would want blogged to you.

Blog your neighbor as you blog yourself.

These are the guide lines of good blogging. (Yes I know I borrowed them from somewhere) If you want to read fresh posts on your blogroll, you too must commit to fresh posting. If you want more hits, click on others. If you want more comments, leave comments for others. And if you are going for the rhetoric bent to your blog, at least write something that inspires, heals, brings joy, and uplifts others. Refrain from big words (I have a thesaurus too) unless it is to make a profound point and you can do it with taste and excitement. And never forget, this is only cyberspace, you must bring the reality in with you.
By the way, why is blogging so fun and addictive? (Excuse me, I need to go check my hit counter……)


3 responses to “To B(log) or not to B(log)…….

  1. Man, I know what you mean. There are days when I check my e-mail every 10 minutes just to see if someone commented. Those are some good rules you got there too, maybe you should expand a little on them… might make for a good post 🙂

    BTW sorry it took a few days to comment, I’ve been a little sick.

  2. No problem Nick, thanks for the comment. Hope you start feeling better and that back of yours str8ens out!
    Yeah, it was a fun post to write, we will see if it inspires. I will see what I can do later to revisit this post.

  3. Actually, I was given some good advice once… it came from Kenny Rogers and was about gambling. Really, though, it was about blogging.

    You gotta know when to hold em (your posts).
    Know when to post em.
    Know when to walk away.
    Know when to run.

    You never count your blog hits
    when you’re sitting at the computer
    They’ll be time enough for countin
    When Google comes.

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