Name that …….. skate shop!

I need help! I am working diligently on opening an xtreme gear shop here in my town. It will carry everything skate, paintball, snowboarding, and climbing. (and anything else xtreme people want) I am diligently working on my business plan and need a name to fill in the blanks. It needs to scream xtreme! Something catchy that will be easy for one to say “Hey, lets go down to “______’s” and check out his new “__________”. So I have some ideas but I just can’t seem to settle on one.

Here are some perimeters for the theme:

Skate Shop, Extreme gear, paintball, climbing, cool place to be, uplifting, mentor (I still want to “reach out” to the youth) Delta, Highway 50, Colorado, Rocky Mountains, Grand Mesa, Black Canyon, skater lifestyle, hard core, bones. Just to name a few.

So here are some names:

Big Daddy’s Xtreme Gear Shop (or a variation like Big D’s) Rocky Road Xtreme Gear, or Rockies Xtreme Gear

Black Canyon Xtreme Gear. Benthic Zone Skate Shop (play on words, you will have to look it up, but it could be a cool logo!)

Street Disciple or Stone Disciple, anything like that ( I know there is already a skate shop called concrete disciple and a rapper that calls himself the street disciple)

Holy Roller Skate shop (ok cheesy I know, but hey, we are brainstorming here! There is a skate park in LA named this)

Big Daddy’s Boards ‘n Stuff. Delta Skate Shop. Delta Xtreme. Hyw 50 Skate Shop (BTW Hyw 50 is the only coast to coast Hyw and it goes through my town) Go Big Xtreme Gear.

The Concrete Wave, The Stone Wave, Street Wave.

Ok you get the picture. So I expect any one who visits this site (not just my regulars) to vote or add. And any logo ideas (from, say, a certain graphic designer) to fit the theme of the name would be cool too!

Ready, enter your vote………………………………………………!


4 responses to “Name that …….. skate shop!

  1. When I was volunteering with our youth group at the church we had the kids come up with the name they wanted for the group. 90% of the students were skaters and the name they came up with was “one eighty” I guess it was a skateboard term and it also played on the idea of repentance being a 180 degree turn in your life. Just a thought, also could make for a pretty cool logo. BTW if you are interested I’d love to help you out with a logo, since it’s for a ministry I’d love to make a donation 🙂 Shoot me an e-mail if you want.

  2. Hey thanks Nick! The scriptures tell us that ” a man is worthy of his wage”, so I would definitely consider remuneration. I liked Benthic Zone Skate because the benthic zone is the bottom of the ocean floor and a skate is actually a stingray. Skates are considered benthic since they spend most of their time on the bottom feeding. I figured a ray could be a cool logo and since skaters seem to get the rap of being on the low end of the social scale….. I liked it. But I also like the Big Daddy’s theme as well. However “One Eighty” is simple and catchy and can have great relevance to the new life we have in Christ. I wonder if we can still tie it in with “Xtreme” …like “Xtreme One Eighty”. The reason for this is that since it is more than a skate shop, some vendors like paint marker companies require that in order to carry their products, the shop name must include something that would refer to the sport of paint ball. Xtreme fills that requirement. The logo must also work for a “strip mall” style raised letter signage. So simple but catchy is good. Anyway, thanks for the input, we will see if I get any more responses as the week progresses.

  3. Personally, I think you should do something with the big daddy theme, frankly josh it fints you, and its kids of cool since you knwo the kids are going to shorten it, Big D kid of sounds cooler, more American Chopper Cool then chessy cool. The Benthic zone is okay, might be better since skaters know more about it, but I dont think that you can get away from you nick name!

  4. a good name is mongo shack its mongo because that’s how some skaters skate and shack if its like a hang out spot too. or run on board,face plant r us, anti poser, crack on wheels, hit me up for more…

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