Adenosine Test #1

B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!! So the nurse comes in with a metal box, pulls out a lead-capsulated syringe and pumps me full of nuke juice. I am asking myself the whole time…”She has to carry it in a metal box with one of those yellow “nuclear” stickers on it, it is in a lead syringe, and some how this is ok once it is in my veins?” I move to a room with the scanner and they lay me on the table, slide me under the machine and say “she that donut shaped thing? Thats your heart.” Now to things strike me as funny here. One; all I see is a bunch of dots on a screen….like something from the Matrix, except in black and white. The other was that the nurse just likened my heart to a donut! I have a clogged artery and she wants to talk about junk food!

Well I spent the next 30 minutes listening to the two nurses talk about their children and complain about over-time. Just about the time I am falling asleep (marked by the drool) the beeper goes off and the say “Thats it”, and instantly I get a cramp in my Lat! (I have had my arms over my head for a half hour at this point.) I get up and they say “See ya tomorrow at 1100, and remember no caffeine or chocolate!” Thats it….So I left starving and glowing. Say tuned for tomorrows adventures.


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