Make a run for the boarder!

My dad left for his annual migration to his mexican beach house. He is a little later than usual. But we were soo happy he stayed as long as he did. He really stepped up his grandpa duties since we moved a little closer. It has meant a great deal to my girls and I to see him so much this fall. But…since he is in Mexico I can finally catch up with his emails! Ok, I will explain. My dad has discovered “yahoo search”. So he will search for something, cut and paste the url of the search results, then forward them to me. The only problem is that there are like 17,234,324,222 results for “green board”!! So I have no idea what he is looking at. And his subject line will be something like “chk this out, some cool stuff” and no text body, just the url! I dont even read them half the time because I cant keep up. Like 20 a day!! I just leave them unread.

Now dont get me wrong, I love to get email from him daily. It lets me know he is healthy and it keeps our communication lines open. But I rarely have more than about ten minutes to check my email(s). So last night I took the time (and yes I read and click every one, hey its my dad) and went through about 120 FWD’s and url’s. And I am happy to report my inbox is now silent. Dad, I hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico, see you in the spring, and all my girls send hugs and kisses to Grampa R.


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