Broken Heart; Chapter 2

Well I went in to see my cardiologist today. I have been having some “odd” feelings in my chest for the last week. It is different from before and there is no pain involved. But it seemed to concern him enough to schedule a test next week.  The test sounds…interesting. But not looking forward to the radio active part.  Its called a Nuclear Adenosine Stress Test. Doesn’t that just sound peachy? I should have the results by Tuesday next week. I will let you all know how it goes.

After a year of eating Grape Nuts for breakfast EVERY day and only getting my precious beef once a month, you would think I would be done with this. Makes me feel like going out to the Texas Road House and getting a juicy prime rib, a pint of New Castle, sniffing some glue and smoking a cigarette!  (Just kidding of course but that was the worst thing I could think of.)

Anyway if it puts  the brakes on me again, maybe I can spend more time blogging and working on my business plan.

As always pray for my health and God’s guidance in this epic Heart saga of mine.


4 responses to “Broken Heart; Chapter 2

  1. Hey there! We are all praying for you today! 1121am! Also, Mama Glo says to CALM down and let you know that she is praying for it to be only heartburn. I just Echo her!

  2. Thanks Jamie. It is comforting to know that someone is praying.(specially like 45 people) I wish it were only heart burn. It feels more like I am at the circus and the 400 lb. bearded-lady is standing on my chest while holding an elephant. Ok that was weird. But it is like my lungs and heart dont have enough room and I have finals that started 20 minutes ago and I am still in bed. Anyway its hard to explain…lol. Congrats Jamie to you and the St. Louis team! God is with you.

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