“Free HBO” or “Headline Hypocrisy”

I just love TV!!! I mean where else can you be subjected to in-your-face consumerism with a dash of sexual content while you wait to stick your nose in the business of Brittany, OJ, and some guy that makes his career marrying and murdering. Love em’ and leave em’ (in a query pond!). Then there is the “real” news. How about the new game show for bachelor immigrants, “Who wants to marry a US Citizen”, or the back to back stories, “Ban spanking” (which makes good parents criminals) and “Pregnant woman tasered for not “cooperating””. Keep in mind she was at a police station, unarmed and “get down on the ground” poses a little of a problem. So I can’t spank my child , but electrocuting a pregnant woman because your ego was hurt is ok? Now I know that someone will comment “there’s more to the story”. DUH!!! But does it matter? No, because here is my point; I unplugged my TV for the past 5 years and guess what? The world went round without my cable connected, and 5 years later its still the same worthless junk on TV (and people are still just as stupid)! So I am going to un-plug it again and check back in another 5 years or so. It’s just such a waist of time. Oh and this is the part where I tell you the only reason we plugged it in was because the cable company never un-hooked it after the last folks moved out!! Haha!! So technically I am not breaking the law. Kind of like I bought a hotel room, only bigger! My house came with a fridge, a coffee maker and free HBO!


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