“I’m Shakin’ it here boss…”

     The other day I was visiting with a friend of mine after a good day of work. He was very generous with his compliment of my writing ability. (side note: this is either true, or him making me feel good, OR he doesn’t read well..lol). He encouraged me to write more and to be bold with scriptural topics in attempt to battle some of the (goofy) ideas rolling around the blogospere concerning scriptures and Christianity in general. WOW! Thats a pretty heavy task. I mean think for a second of all the new (and old) dogma that tags the tail of Christianity. Then ask how these ideas line up with scripture.

Now some people will say that only a far-right, ultra-conservative, ultra-naive nut job would take scripture literal and believe that Jesus is still the only way to Heaven and that all other religions are wrong and so on…

Well here is the deal. I know what I believe. I say only what I know, and I believe what I say. I fear only the Lord my God and I am scared of nothing. I offend many, I befriend all. I hate stupidity, circular reasoning, arrogant atheist, regurgitated (stolen) logic, and pastel colors. What does that mean? Nothing really I just felt like it would be fun to say.

With all that being said, I think my first subject will focus on the idea that we have to come up with all these new terms to attach to our identity when being a “Christian” is just not enough anymore. ie. When we have to identify as an evangelical, or charismatic, or emergent, be a Christian anarchist, or go to an evangelical-free church and so on. So once we tackle that idea, I think we will move on to the emergent movement and explore its hypocrisies.  Now before we start and before you get all bent, grab some decaf and a chill-pill. I am not an authority on …well….anything, I am not self righteous, and I am not trying to sic my own dogma on you. I am just going to open dialog about certain things so that in the end you will see that I am right! (side note: if you did not get that joke then you should probably not participate in these discussions)

So if any of that made sense to you, then hang on, because sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand. And any of you that know me, know I can shake things up.


2 responses to ““I’m Shakin’ it here boss…”

  1. Hey Josh, I have a talk for you, it was great! remind me to get it to you sometime, I will send it via snail mail. Its phyllis Tickle talking about the emerging church in the world, and how we are redefining the context of Christianity in a world where all the normal “titles” are breaking down.

  2. Wow, thanks Jamie! I am glad I am not just “off my rocker” on this one. WWJD takes on a whole new meaning here. It is amazing how God took care of this situation once before. ie Jesus in the Temple, ALL of Paul’s letters. See if I can handle this big of a bite!

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