Skateboards, Paint ball, and God

Well I am in the early stages of reaching out to the youth in my community once again. Only this time it will have a twist, or a 360, or a rail slide. I am writing a business plan to open an x-treme retail store in my little town. I plan to carry all the up-to-date “stuff” students will need to skate, snowboard, or play paint ball. With in the shop I will have big tv’s that play x-treme videos all day, (and maybe a few ministry promos..ooops how did that get on there?) I may even have a couch area with one of those controversial video games available to play.  And since there is no youth retail in this town AT ALL, I will not just fill a retail need, but I can have a positive influence on students. I have all of these grand dreams that kids will flock to the store to open their lives to the “guy that gets my trucks for me”. I could host skate comps and book guys like these. It will be a “pro” shop and have an area where the customers can do their own work on their equipment and hang out. Sounds cool huh?  Now, where did I put that extra $300k in pocket change………….


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