Puppies, pulpits and payments!

As you have all probably guessed, I am very busy and have done a wonderful job at neglecting my blogging responsibilities! It seems like every thing is hitting at once. I have many sermons to write as I have been asked to fill some pulpits lately, I had a root canal on Tuesday, my dogs face swelled up last night so I have to take her to the vet, and speaking of doctors, I am also focusing on now trying to control the $50k I now owe for my stay at the Ritz….hospital. I was charged $2200 a night, and only had basic cable, and no internet!!!!! Hey, But at least I am alive right? So give me a bit and I will give you something fun to chew on here at 5 loaves, 2 fish!


3 responses to “Puppies, pulpits and payments!

  1. Yeah! It’s amazing, the doctor(s) that actually did the surgery and actually used the equiptment and actually saved my life only cost me about $5k! It’s just incredible. Years of school and experiance gets beat out by; two nights in a room with a bed i cant get sleep in, a toothbrush cheaper than the one my dentist gives out at halloween, basic cable, no internet, no kids, no underwear and a gown that shows the world….well I guess it costs a lot. $2200 just for the room. I think you can stay at the Waldorf for about the same price.

  2. Next time something like that comes up, head on over to the Kelly house. We will let you stay for $19.95 a night. I have taken first aid so no worries about top care!

    By the way… puppies, pulpits and payments, sounds like a great sermon title!

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