In God We Trust???

The last post, while clever, cute, and mildly humorous, is far more disturbing however. Corporate America is literally ripping us off from birth! We buy into the “Sure, but God doesn’t want us all to be poor and miserable” or the “it’s just today’s culture” lines that seem to perpetuate themselves even inside the “Christian” circles. Now honestly I want my own Ipod, I could really dig having a sweet sled, and I would not turn down one of these (available only to us vets). I am not anti-things, and I don’t hold some deep seeded distaste for people with more money than me (well maybe a little). But at the cost of loosing our identity as a nation and as individuals, our worth has become measurable by our wealth. The virtue of a woman is no longer seen through God’s eyes, but through the lens of a camera. It’s not ok to beat your wife, but its ok to send your daughter half way around the world, only to come home in a body bag. I am neither advocating beating our wives or that women don’t make good soldiers, but when you send your nations daughters to die and then have the biggest welfare program in the world, you have just succeeded in robbing the honor and worth of the men of your country as well as the virtue of her daughters. We have been sold out! And Satan is loving it! Who needs God when you have nike, microsoft and the NFL? We can just buy our__fill in the blank___. (body, happiness,looks,education,gods) Just plug into your entertainment. Wear these shoes and you will be fast, and drink this and you will be faster longer. Wash your hair with this and you will float when you walk and put this under your arms and no woman will resist you! So let me ask; what music are you listening to, what race are you running, what quenches your thirst,what is so important about your hair? Or check out the Isaac Effect when it comes to attracting women.

So why are we offended when our country wants to remove “In God We Trust” from our monies? As a nation do we? So then what do we do, embrace or eradicate? Sound off! Let me know what you propose we do, as a nation, to Trust in God and not be sold out by the very money it’s printed on. In God We Trust? Do we? Do you? is your one stop myspace resource

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3 responses to “In God We Trust???

  1. Wow, good post! I was always offended because I felt they wanted to take God out of America, but I guess in a lot of ways “he’s not here” any way. No one trusts in him any more, they trust in their toys.

    Oh by the way that patriot rider is sweet 🙂

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  3. I hear the new motto for America is going to be –
    “Lets just all sell our souls and work for satan. It’s more convenient that way.”
    (Lester from the movie
    American Beauty)

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