My lifes Present Darkness

I know I promised you another post. I was going to rant about some issues I have with the blogosphere. Not that it doesn’t warrant my opinion, I have begun to face some issues far greater than some goofy illogical oral vomit from some liberal pseudo-intellectual sitting in his cubicle some where in NYC. I am in nothing less than a spiritual campaign of the greatest magnitude. After some discussion on the matter, I am convinced that our little town has become some evil playground for satan and his cohorts. I can’t help but to be taken back to the memories of reading “This present Darkness.” And yes before you get all bent, I KNOW it was only fiction. But I also know that spiritual warfare is real and if you don’t,  I either have a very warped, yet shared, understanding of scripture, or we are not reading the same Bible. Either way, my heart is broken to see what I see in the hearts of people. My heart is broken for those who hinge their entire spiritual experience around what kind of music is played on Sunday. My heart is broken for all those who call on the name of God, but in their self-righteousness forget to teach Him to their children or display Him in their lives or speak Him from their tongue. My heart is broken for the lost daughters of our community. My heart is broken for the children that we teach to perpetuate hate and judgement. My heart is broken by secrets in the church. My own pride breaks my heart. Even among “relatively good people” my heart is broken over how much evil I see there.

So imagine this for a moment;

My heart is broken from so much in such a small part of the world. I am truly struggling finding love to give to others as Christ asks of me. Imagine then if you can how great our God is. Far beyond the reaches of this little town, God sees all this and more. I am sure I (we) have broken his heart more than once. But he still loves us, and never struggles finding it. Even for the ones that have not yet met God in His glory, he still offers his love. And to those of us who have encountered Him, how much greater is that love when we know the Truth, yet continue to fail? I present my broken heart here to you as an emotional window to my life.

I present my broken life here to God with an emotional heart to be healed.


One response to “My lifes Present Darkness

  1. Thanks for your vulnerability! When everything around us is chaos, God’s word becomes more than ever where we should run to and where we should bury ourselves.

    Habbakuk 3:17,18

    Praying for you often. Be strengthened even today by the knowledge that you are not alone.

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