The Smell of Death…..

As I roll along the blogosphere I have come to several realizations. Some of them are very positive while others simply sadden me. There seems to be nothing better at bringing out the wolves than when something starts reeking of death! About the only other thing is the sound of possible or eminent death. I know this well. One of my most favorite past times at the moment is finding those predators and shooting them. My weapon of choice at the moment is a 22-250. Now before you go and get all sad or activist on me, no I don’t shoot wolves. I only hunt cute cuddly coyotes that feed on ranch animals and domesticated pets. And I must say that to date, they are the most contumacious animal I have ever hunted. Now mind you, they often prescribe to a very predictable behavior pattern, but all too often they adapt to the environment in which they have decided to ensconce. Once one gets comfortable with their environment, it is much easier to either bend or break the rules. So if the wind is blowing in one direction, but the predator finds that there is a more positive vantage point up wind or even to the side, well then as a hunter you can’t expect him to come from the direction that the rules used to dictate. Not to mention if the animal has been tricked before by synthetic allurement, he has become wise to your methods and much harder to fool again. There is one more crux to consider as well. Coyotes are very territorial. If you are a mere 50 yards outside of their sphere, you will fail to “call” them in regardless of your solicitation method. At this point you have a couple choices. You can try in vain to lure them in with the most irresistible of your repertoire. He will rarely be fooled twice. Your other choice is to try to take the shot from where you are. Now I can say here that at 300 yards, I have a great grouping (multiple shots to the same area of a target) that could effectively eliminate my prey. However a paper target and moving animal are diametrically opposed. I always take the chance at wasting ammunition (this would be a prideful way of saying, I can miss from that range). So my final option is to move. I must study the movements and habits of this one particular foe, and then find the most affective vantage point within his sphere. I must go to where he is and then simply rely on the things that will make sense to him and appeal to his nature. I must admit here, that while it is easy to theorize how to approach changing this predator to prey, out of the 20 plus hunts I have under my belt, I only have one “confirmed kill”. From here I will leave it up to you to find the parallel to that of the perilous undertaking of the Christian evangelist. As well, in my next entry I will attempt to cast my view of what saddens me most in the blogosphere.



One response to “The Smell of Death…..

  1. Good post! Looking forward to your tie in in the next post. It was great having you guys visit Whitewater last weekend! Check out Rob’s post. 🙂

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