SSHHH!…..did you hear that?

I want to share with you all my most recent experience with the “whisper of God”. I went down to watch my mother graduate from her correctional facility boot camp. She is an educational technician in a corrections facility. After the ceremony, we had to go pick up my mothers 1989 Grand Caravan. Apparently it broke down right when she got to town. Now this is a good thing because that means my mother was not stranded in the middle of nowhere. So we get to her van and I ask if I can check it out first before we call the tow truck. Most of you know I can fix most anything. So to make a long story short….um, ok to make it shorter than it could be, I fixed my mother’s van, I missed a meeting that I planned, and my mom ended up spending the night at our house. Listen to what God whispered…come closer…closer…good. “Family is more important than work“, by missing the meeting I made a commitment to my mother to get her home, safely and cheaply. I am also confident that the meeting went better with out me. Someday I will tell you why that makes sense. “Your mother needs to see your heart, as well as hear your words“, I never got irritated that I had to “save the day” or take time to fix a problem that wasn’t mine. I did not complain about being late, but embraced the time together. I was without burden. “Trust me with your mother“. God allowed me to share my faith with my mother in a way that has never happened before! She just listened. No debate, no rebuttal. She just listened! “Embrace what I have given to you” My mother is almost 60, and my children are growing fast. Usually my mother just wants to “push on through” to get home, so she never spends more than a few minutes with my children. Even when she comes here specifically to visit, it always seems to last less than two hours and off she goes to “get home before dark”. This is not to say I am complaining or she is doing anything wrong, it just seems like life is moving way to fast. But this morning, my children woke up with Grans there and they ate scrambled eggs together. Our time together was priceless.

Are you listening for God’s whisper in all things?

God Bless you,



2 responses to “SSHHH!…..did you hear that?

  1. Josh, I have to say I am glad that you did miss the meeting. You are right, Family is more important, and they should come right after your commitment to God. Thanks for the reminder…. as far as fixing anything…… are you really so sure about that? 😉
    BTW! I ASKED FIVE PARENTS ABOUT D2S ( yes, I am feeling proud that I finally found courage in the Holy ‘guidence). Pray that at the very least two of them will come, i am hoping for all five, but three of them were just from people listening to me talk to other parents, so we will see!

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