I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.

There is something in me tonight that I can not explain. I feel like there is this ministry God is calling me to and I can’t define it. I don’t even know where or what it is. The closest I can come is it’s like Young Life meets Dare2Share meets Chuck Norris meets Mr. T! I pity the fool! I am tired of watered down theology from adults, and tired of excuses from students. Christ always brought equal portions of grace and truth to the table. If God showed us grace by sending His Son to die for us, we must know the truth about what we were graced from. I can fix your flat tire for you, (grace) but your tire has to be flat, (truth) for there to be a reason to fix it. All too often we forget from whence we came. All of us. And all too often we covet the gift of that grace, as if it is ours. I remember that there were those that Jesus asked to follow him, and they could not let go of the things in their life. I remember that Jesus continued on with out them. His ministry was the world, not the one, but if necessary one at a time. I envision a ministry full of like-minded, lost, poor, wretched sinners, saved by grace from eternal separation from the God of the universe, (from whence we came) in our broken state, urgently sharing the message of Christ’s sacrifice with every one we meet, and accepting no excuses. No fear. Sold out. On fire. Name it. Simply a ministry of sinners so completely in love with Jesus and the sound of His name, so focused on His love and sharing with other, they forget to do things like judge others and get offended. Encouraging relational evangelism, but not waiting around to share the truth of grace. We are not promised tomorrow. I pity the fool that waits till tomorrow to share God’s message of truth and grace. Because I bet it stinks when tomorrow never comes, sucka. Christ taught the world in three years, and saved the world in 3 days. Feeling the “urgency” theme here? As well, relying on the promises of God so that all things are possible, like Chuck who can do anything….twice if he wants.


One response to “I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.

  1. It’s amazing how often we forget the urgency of the matter. We are so afraid of what others think about us that we refuse to talk about Jesus, how offended he must be, but he still loves us…wow!

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