Floating memories

It’s quiet in the office today. Its been almost two weeks now. But after two years of walking by the Senior Pastors office and seeing him sitting there every day, it’s still a little weird that its  empty. Not just an empty chair, but every thing is gone. The pictures on the wall, the desk water fall. All that remains is an empty desk with a silent computer, an empty chair and two years of memories floating in the silence.

 I wish Pastor Alan the best at his new mission assignment in Mich. I know that God has blessed them beyond imagination with this new church.

I will miss him, but I will also enjoy taking over his office until a new pastor is found!

I would love to hear any comments from other youth ministers that have ever survived a transition of Senior Pastors. Feel free to comment.


2 responses to “Floating memories

  1. Definitely will be praying you up in a big way!

    Rob and I have weathered many transitions over the years – been at our church now for 20 years in ministry. The best way is to dig your heels in deep and make no decisions until the dust settles! And, remind yourself every day that God is faithful – just as the milestones on the highway are constant (look behind and see them stack up, look ahead and see them waiting for you) so are God moments and His faithfulness!

    Hang in there!

  2. Thank you so much for the prayers as well as the history of survival. It is my wifes prayer that God use me here as well, for 20 years! We are at His mercy and grace, and I will do Thy bidding, here am I Lord, send me.

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