Todd my Tony

I have been slowly making my way through a new book I received in the mail. It is a new book by Greg Stier called “Ministry Mutiny.” It’s not a how-to manual, or even some kind of revolt against the elders of your church. In fact, as Greg would say, it really isn’t all that cutting-edge nor does it introduce some new “fail proof” method for a successful youth group. It does however capture the essence of youth ministry. I think the fact that it is a “fable” is the reason Greg can walk us through some very engaging issues that we struggle with. Instead of simply rattling off all the things we could complain about, he brings them to life and then deals with them. The solutions are primarily Biblical principals we have just forgotten all about. I say I have been slowly making my way through it. That’s because each concept deserves my honest contemplation as well as time to work on my heart. I have many flaws. As with “Ty”, I have my own “Tony” who has helped me walk through my struggles and pains. I thank God for my “Tony”. He is always there to encourage me, or let me vent, and to always remind me that its worth it. And he never spares any mercy to get in the ‘ol “welcome to youth ministry brother.” If you are a student reading this, I ask you a simple favor; be patient with me. I will give you my heart. I will make mistakes. (dramatic pause) There is nothing more I can promise than that. Look to God for promises. If you are a youth leader, read the book, check your heart, and go with God. Listen for His whisper.

I won’t say that the book has changed my life, but it has definitely challenged me to remember why I do what I do, as well as to be cautious as to what I create in students, and call it ministry. If you really get down to it, God is the one who changed my life, and ever since He has given me the “Tonys” of the world to guide and direct me in this thing called youth ministry.


2 responses to “Todd my Tony

  1. I have to say, at first I was a little cynical and skeptical about the fact D2S put you on their site when you called me this morning (and I apologize, I didnt have a hot beverage in me yet), but thats just AWESOME! Way to GO!

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