20/20 hindsight

You ever have those moments when you look back at something you did or said and question if it was right? Not because it was maniacally wrong, but because you were naive to its content, or being humbled by another’s actions. I have. Let me explain. Now in my previous blog I ranted about some of the things that went awry on my trip here to Austin. I have, by the way, changed hotels. But I want to let you know that I was using license to make drama of my experience. At no time did I actually get frustrated at any of the situations. Quite to the contrary, I even tipped the shuttle driver $10 for the multiple trips to my car to find my silly teeth. You see while all the things that happened might appear to be an inconvenience, one must ask, “so what?” So what does it mean that your flight is delayed. Who sets the deadlines we are so desperately chasing. Heart surgery is urgent, getting to Austin to attend a conference that doesn’t start until the next day is not. You see it is about choices. I can choose to schedule my time so tightly that it becomes eminent that I will at some point miss an appointment. I can also choose my reaction when it happens. Who am I to then destroy some one else’s day because of a standard I have set. That being said I must also have a base on which my choices stem from. So with our cell phones, our ipods, our gadgets and our diner, we need to become realistic with the priorities in our lives and cross check those with what God desires for our future. My next entry will explore this standard, or base, from which we believe our lives should arise.


One response to “20/20 hindsight

  1. Josh,
    I think you stumbled onto one of the secrets to having a happy life. I know I’m in constant struggle with my wife about this kind of thing. I mean really, “who says we have to be at this place at this time”, or “these things need to be done a certain way”. The fact is that getting over anxious about things (especially little things) in life makes it too hard to deal with, and can be very stressfull. Think about this: have you ever seen a stressed out hippy (besides a drug induced stress). No; the reason: They generally don’t care. I think the idea there is to find that balance. I don’t care if dinner is a 5 coarse meal and everyone is satisfied by it and we are finished in time to make it the 4H meeting, and… But getting homework done is probably a good thing. Prioritise and limit activities that are the least important. These are keys to reducing stress and making you a generally happy person. I think that having faith in God, and having the Holy spirit in your life really helps you put some things into perspective and helps you with prioritising. That’s part of what makes our faith so great, and what makes most (not counting a small minority) of christians happy. in summery: more god + less stuff = less stress = happy life.


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