luggage, teef, and smelly hotels

I’m so excited to be here at the NYWC in Austin Texas! My trip from Gunnison to Colorado Springs to catch my flight was fine. Traffic was lite, my car ran fine, and I didn’t get lost on the way to the airport. Thats where “smooth” came to an end. My suit case is very heavy as is this computer. So I park the car, get on the shuttle, (lugging all my luggage) and get to the entrance to the airport. As I get off the shuttle I think to my self “wouldn’t it be just hilarious to check in with my teef in?” So in to my pocket I reach for me teefies. Then my other pocket. Hmmm, thats strange, maybe they are in my vest pocket. No, not there. So I begin the frantic “pat-the-pocket” dance. You know the one, where you begin beating at your pockets as if you can feel what you are looking for better than by putting your hand actually inside the pocket. “Well” I say to myself, “can’t go to Texas without my teeth, especially if Greg is going to be there.” So back on the shuttle I go. She was a very nice shuttle lady. Reminded me of my grandmother. So she takes me right to my car. As I get off I tell her this might take a while, so she better just keep going without me. I search and search, tearing my car apart. I don’t find them. I look up and notice she is still waiting. So I decide “get back on the bus, and check in your computer bag as she takes you to the door, you might get lucky and they are in there”. Two tips back to the car later, and I find them in the dirt by the curb just under the passenger door. I realize the events leading to this: on the way down I was wearing them in traffic, smiling and waving, and set them on the seat next to me. The directions to the airport where in my bag. I put the bag on the seat next to me, covering my teeth. While getting my bag out at the airport, it drug my teeth out the door and gravity being what it is, they fell on the ground and blended with the dirt. Finally! Its getting late now so I rush to get to my gate (my flight leaves in 3 hrs). I am getting worried about missing my flight you know. So I get to my gate and begin the wait. Original flight delayed, moved up to a earlier flight(glad I was early). New flight ends up being delayed. I get to Texas an hour later than my original flight was supposed to get in. Then the hotel! The room smelled bad, the internet didn’t work and there is no continental breakfast! But here is where I need to tell you how excited I am to be here! I made it alive. I am not sick. There is great wisdom to be gained here. Its 95 degrees(ok, not a plus). Bottom line is, even with all the miserable things that happen to us in life. There is way more to be thankful for, when you keep your eyes focused on the Lord.


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