Ok just checking in. I made it to Austin. I have a few entries coming. I wrote in my word program while the topics were hot, but alas, no internet connection at my hotel. So I could not post them fresh. You will read all about that later. BTW its really hot here.


4 responses to “Check-in

  1. Greg Stier put in his blog yesterday that he is giving a (the?) sermen on sunday. That’s cool. I’m pretty much under the impression that Ausitn is one of those places you go if you don’t like cold, so I can image it to be pretty warm. Have a good weekend Josh.

  2. thanks Jerm. Yeah Greg is the mainstage speaker on Sunday and has two sessions as well. Its pretty much the reason I chose Austin over Anaheim, he wont be speaking there. Cool stuff, check!

  3. Hey Josh.
    It was great to meet you and really appreciated all the help you gave our team from Dare 2 Share in Austin! You rock!

    Carol Ann

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