Bountiful Mutiny

I received a package in the mail today! For me that is something very exciting. Any package for me is exciting , but today its an extra special package. Its Greg Stier’s new book “Ministry Mutiny”.  He even has given a place to blog it.  I have been waiting for a while for this(the first printing had some delays). This is the octane booster I need right now. I need to let you know that the shorter this blog is, the sooner I can start reading. So you don’t think I am selfish or anything, I will write just a little more.

I sprained both my ankles yesterday! Yeah I know…weird! so I have been hobbling around work today trying to find reasons not to get up from my desk. The right one is the worst. It is pretty swollen. The left one isn’t as big but it sure is painful. Ok so now that the small talk is over….I am off to read! And if its as good as I hope, it will be a Bountiful Mutiny!


One response to “Bountiful Mutiny

  1. That stinks, it’s too bad your office is upstairs. I actually fractured a rib a couple weeks ago and that has limited some of my stuff. I’m trying not to let it stop me, but lifting things that weigh like 100 pounds or more kinda hurts. I can’t imagin injuring both legs though. If there’s a bright side I guess I would say that it’s: you’re not a horse. The best thing for you ils to get your feet up on your desk (elevation) kick back and relax. bummer.

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