5,o96 days ago, or 122,304 hours ago, or only 7,338,240 seconds ago, or just a mere 14 years ago. On this day in 1992 (yes I know some of you were not  even born yet) I married my lovely bride. I look back and remember all the people that came to our wedding. I remember my brother in his little tiny tuxedo.( I have a daughter now the same age as he was then). I can remember almost every detail like it was just yesterday. I say almost every detail. To this day, I can not remember taking even one bite of the meal we had at the reception. I am told that I did indeed eat, and it was good. I disagree. If there is one thing I remember…its good food! Oh how time has passed. I don’t feel like I grew up, but my belly tells me different. I don’t remember getting older, but the grey in my beard says different. How time has passed? I try to imagine my life different. I cant. I am where I am, just as God has ordained it. I love my wife. I love her more than my next breath (no, I wont hold my breath to see). But I know that God’s love for me is infinitely more than I could ever love my wife. That is hard for me to imagine. On the other hand I am betting my wife’s love for me gets a little closer, since one would have to love me like God loves me to put up with me for 14 years. Maybe that’s the key, maybe my wife does see me through God’s eyes. In my brokenness, in my despair, through my irresponsibility, my procrastination, past the dirty clothes on the living room floor, past the hundreds of projects started, but left incomplete. She loves me despite all my character flaws.  To me these past 7 million seconds have been like a blink of an eye. And because Christ died for me, God can see past my dirty laundry and broken promises as well. I am so thankful that she can see me through God’s eyes, or 14 years might have seemed like an eternity for her. August 29, 1992 was my biggest God moment, when she said “I do”. I love you Portia.


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