Band Of Brothers

Well folks, I sit here in my hotel room (#227 if you care). Its almost midnight and I am still amped after attending the first night of Promise Keepers ’06. Wow! Some great stuff! And I know that there is even more to come. I am very excited for the speakers tomorrow.  Especially one we both know. Yes, Greg Steir will be addressing, get this, GROWN UPS! I am very excited to see the response.

I have to tell you all that it is an amazing thing to be in a stadium with 8,000 screaming teens, but its a whole different ball game to see thousands of men singing and praising God together. I cried (like that is a surprise). I was extremely affected this evening as I watched two gentlemen in their late 60’s (I am guessing here, but they was ooold) respond with courage to the invitation to place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ! I was also saddened a bit to think that they have spent such a lifetime without Him. This increased my fervor to reach as many students with the Gospel now, so they don’t spend their life, or worse their eternity, separate from God and Christ. It also made me question my own efforts to reach my parents with the life saving message of Jesus. If I come home tomorrow and find that one of my parents has died, what excuse could I give for not effectively sharing the Gospel with them? Have I done all I can to share a message that will prevent them from eternal agony? My prayer tonight is that God gives me the courage to reach out to my own parents, as well as show me mercy from the guilt I feel. I also pray that God will raise up your generation so that when you are in your 60-somethings, you don’t have to look back at a life spent without the love and grace of Christ!

And in case you were wondering, no, I was not the only guy there that cried!


2 responses to “Band Of Brothers

  1. Just so you know Josh, Del and I was talking tonight and we also shed tears. After a short discussion we feel in order for a man to grow spirtualy you must cry some. Thanks for everything Josh….. Joe

  2. Thanks for the post Joe. I believe God has started a work in you there, and it will come to a fruitful completion. I enjoyed my time with you,Del, and Jerry. I will try to get a pic up here if I can figure it out!

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