There is a first time for everything!

Ok…so after much research (lots of late nights scrolling through blog after blog) I have not found a clever theme or great graphics, or special font for my signature, or…actually I really don’t know how they do all that cool stuff, but I am sure I will figure it out, beg some one to teach me, or just be little ol’ me(ok so there is nothing little about me) and take what I can get! I have great aspirations to keep up with a daily or at least a weekly blog, write meaningful and epiphanal blogs, and grace you with my over all intelligence. But really what will happen is I will have spurts of energy and actually blog twice a month, write something that makes absolutely no sense and is hard to follow…and as far as will be lucky if I have less than 10 spelling errors and no less than 5 words used improperly(epiphinal is not a word). I think my dictionary and thesaurus will get more use than my blog! But seriously, I want this to be a gateway for us to explore God, grow in our relationship with him and each other. But most of all a way for me to keep in touch with you as you read this in your computer class……instead of listening to your teacher….. until she is looking over your shoulder …..and you don’t notice…and she busts you and me both……..and………..this is where I say “you know I am kidding, don’t get caught reading blogs by your teacher during class.”


One response to “There is a first time for everything!

  1. Thats the great thing about wordpress you can choose pretty much any theme they have and it looks great, There are a few themes they offer that you can change the header to one you have designed but I don’t think it’s needed.

    And I am guessing you are a youth pastor, this is a great idea in getting the youth involved. My brother over at is a youth pastor as well.

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